At I’Anson, we call upon our many decades of dairy sector expertise to offer customers a full service and the right products for their needs. We understand every farm is different, but we have specialists who can help.

We have many dairy feed products to suit most systems and performance levels. Our most popular dairy cattle ranges include: 


We also formulate bespoke diets to satisfy individual requirements. Dairy blends, either simple blends or rations produced in our coarse ration plant, are available.

Customers benefit from a full range of dairy feed, silage sampling and assistance with formulating rations, a dairy costing service and specialist nutritional advice. This service is based on cutting-edge knowledge of both the science and practical aspects of feeding a dairy herd to maximise profit in the modern marketplace.

Our pelleted and micronized products are of premium quality and contain only natural proteins of a highly digestible nature.

Dairy Feed

For no-nonsense advice to ensure you are feeding the best products available for a healthy and productive dairy herd, contact us now on 01765 689332.

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