Mathew Sharpe, Technical Feed Specialist

Mathew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe joined I’Anson in 1996 and apart from a brief spell working on a farm has worked for I’Anson the majority of his career. Matthew comes from a farming background and has his own farm with herds of milking sheep and commercial sheep. He also grows beef cattle.

A normal day for Matthew involves visiting customers to help them with their day-to-day problems by silage sampling, inspecting livestock and looking at levels of performance. Matthew says that it is always easier to help the customer if you can view the animals. This is then backed up by formulating rations to meet the requirements of both the animals and the farmer. Solving customer problems is the most rewarding part of the job in an environment of change in an ever increasing challenging market.

Outside of work Matthew’s hobbies include running his own farm and watching and playing sport. 

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